Our R&D generates results that have come commercial products included in the catalogues of our collaborators. A wireless artificial nose, a service integration platform for smart cities, travel time calculation for road systems... Given the acceptance of our results in the market, we created a company, simplicity to extend our impact on market.


We have extensive experience in data processing to extract meaningful information. We have applied this knowledge and abilities to a huge set of fields varying from intelligent transportation systems to raw signal processing for radars. We always face the customers needs looking for the simplest and most applicable and scalable solution that produces meaningful information. In many cases, our results have led to useful business analytics tools providing new insights on our customers operation.

Travel time calculation algorithm based on Bluetooth vehicle detection

TT predictor
Travel time prediction based on inductive loop data

Information processing
Extracting BigINFO from Big-data

Access to information
Communication and ubiquitous access to information

R&D management
R&D project management and fund raising