We do
workable solutions with scientific rigour

Our brief story

Working together since 2008.

i3-UPM started in 2008 when three lecturers working for the School of Telecommunications in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, went for a different way of doing R&D. We established three cornerstones: (i) applying information processing techniques to big data; (ii) using proper project management to implement and fund our R&D; and (iii) working under the principles of integrity, professionalism, and usefulness. In order to safeguard these principles, the team moved to Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) in 2012, where we have established and extended our work with the invaluable support from Professor Carmen Sánchez Ávila. In 2015 we built simplicity to broaden the impact of our results on Society.
And we still have much to imagine, build, and offer.

This is our team

Common-sense researchers with industrial and commercial experience.

Ana Belén Rodríguez González

PhD in Telecomms. She is our research engine. She is a tough worker, creative and rigorous, which eventually forms the perfect combination to solve complex problems with robust and simple solutions.

Juanjo Vinagre Díaz

PhD in Telecomms. He has worked as Project Manager in different international corporations. He has the ability to listen to people and understand their needs. He is a planner by nature and has achieved and managed research projects, totalling over 2,5 M€.

Mark Wilby

PhD in Physics. Researcher in Imperial College London and University College London before joining i3-UPM. He has been CEO and CTO in 4 software and communication companies. He builds innovative solutions to current issues that form the basis for future development.