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The area of Smart Mobility in GB2S-UPM is dedicated to provide BigINFO to real applications including Mobility, Smart Platforms, and Energy Efficiency.

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We are more and more concious about the challenge we must face in order to guarantee our current energy-based comfort and economic growth. However, there is still much to do. We focus our work in stopping wasting energy. Our contributions target novel ways of measuring efficiency and its environmental impact, at two levels: buildings and national energy systems.


Congestions, harmful emissions, waste of time... are some of the concepts that we relate to mobility. We must find innovative solutions to tackle these problems that affect us all. We have worked very closely with industrial partners to develop data-driven intelligent systems capable of characterizing, predicting, and analyzing the performance of every transport mode.

Information processing

Big-data is currently real. The challenge now is to evolve to BigINFO, extracting meaningful information from data processing elements that can grow. Correspondingly, we have developed smart platforms and edge-computing systems that employ creative approaches to construct real sensory systems and data processing algorithms.

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This is our team

Common-sense researchers with industrial and commercial experience.

Ana Belén Rodríguez González

PhD in Telecomms. She is our research engine. She is a tough worker, creative and rigorous, which eventually forms the perfect combination to solve complex problems with robust and simple solutions.

Juanjo Vinagre Díaz

PhD in Telecomms. He is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Applied Mathematics in the School of Telecommunication Engineering (UPM). He has worked as Project Manager in Industry and Academia.

Mark Wilby

PhD in Physics. Researcher in Imperial College London and University College London before joining GB2S-UPM. He has been CEO and CTO in 4 software and communication companies. He builds innovative solutions to current issues that form the basis for future development.